3 Tips to Follow When Preparing for a Driver's License Appeal Hearing

First of all driving is a privilege not a right — If you or someone you care about are filing for a driver’s license appeal hearing, it is absolutely crucial that you begin preparing immediately.

Not being able to legally drive makes even simple errands more difficult. The stress of trying to earn that privilege back can be daunting. But with proper preparation and help from someone just as invested in winning your appeal as you are, you can get back on the road and living stress-free in no time.

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Vital steps you need to take to file for a hearing:

1. Work with a lawyer who specializes in driver’s license appeal hearings.
It’s not enough to hire just any lawyer to help you get your driving privileges back. (And it’s downright foolish to go into the hearing without any legal counsel.) You need an attorney with experience; one who knows the ins and outs of these particular sorts of cases and who will take the time to build you the best case possible. Teaming up with a lawyer will also make the remaining steps far easier and much more fruitful, tipping the odds in your favor come the day of your hearing.

2. Get in touch with a substance abuse counselor,AFTER YOU’VE HIRED A LAWYER.
To prove that you’ve honored the state’s request to be abstinent, you’ll need an official evaluation from a licensed professional. If you aren’t seeing one already, your lawyer can help you find one who can be both trusted and beneficial in helping you win your license back.

3. Gather notarized letters from people in your life documenting your recovery.
On top of the evaluation from your substance abuse counselor, you’ll need three to six letters from other people explaining how you’ve changed your life for the better, and by remaining abstinent, since your license was revoked. Consider these letters a sort of proxy for “character witnesses.” According to the Secretary of State’s website, you may use “immediate family members, other relatives, employers, friends, pastors, local police, a recognized support group such as 12-step meetings or Women for Sobriety, neighbors or others with whom you associate” to write the letters. Your lawyer can help you figure out who would be best to use, as well as edit the letters and develop a cohesive, effective theme and narrative to present to the hearing officer.

Once these three things are taken care of, you can officially petition for an appeal hearing. A date will be set, and your lawyer will continue to stay in contact with you and perfect your case. From there, it’s just a matter of time before you can enjoy your freedom again. We have found the best way to be successful is preparation before the hearing. We will not prepare you in the parking lot, you’ll be prepared in our office before your hearing date.

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