Selecting the Right Attorney

Have Questions? We have answers!

We know working with a lawyer can be an intimidating experience. It’s common for us to be contacted by people who have never needed to hire a lawyer before, and they certainly have a lot of questions. Many times, the circumstances that lead to needing a lawyer aren’t ideal, so the last thing you want is a frustrating or confusing experience.

There are a lot of assumptions and misconceptions about the legal process, thanks in large part to the variety of ways lawyers are portrayed in the media and in entertainment. Part of our promise to everyone is helping to clearly understand the entire process and what to expect from working with us, so you can have a stress-free experience all the way through.

Here are a few of the most common questions we get:

How are fees determined?

There are a few factors that influence your legal fees and retainers. The cost will primarily fluctuate based on how complex your individual case is. The hourly rate for your attorney and any additional work will differ based on their experience level and breadth of services included. All costs and terms of representation are finalized with the signing of your fee agreement.

How do I maintain communication with my attorney?

We recognize that in a fast-paced world with a wide range of communication methods and busy lifestyles, every person will have different needs. There will be times outside of legal proceedings we need to meet to discuss information in person, but beyond that it’s important that an attorney matches what works best for you. Part of the first consultation will include this discussion so we can communicate as effectively and easily as possible. We’ll also make sure you meet our dedicated support staff who will always be a great resource and help you feel comfortable with our entire team.

Do I need a lawyer close to me?

It’s easy to want to pick an attorney with proximity to your home or work, but it’s not always a necessity. If their experience with cases related to yours is strong and they are flexible with geography, it’s worth investigating how they will work in a way to maximize convenience and minimize cost. The same applies when considering other factors such as meeting after normal hours or outside the office.

What should I bring to my consultation?

Your consultation is going to be your first in depth chance to explain your case and get to know your lawyer, usually lasting an hour. Most importantly, you will want to have any documents requested and required by the attorney. The rest will depend on the timeline and depth of your case. Often times it’s advised to bring basic information, then let your attorney advise what further details he wants. It’s easy to think you should bring every piece of information you have, but an hour goes by quick and you want to use this consultation wisely.

We know you will have more questions regarding your case, but know that your lawyer is working for you and has a full support team ready to help. If you’re looking for a team with the combination of experience and service you deserve, we are ready to talk! Call us today at (989) 244-4333.