3 Reasons You Want to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

You’re hurt and it wasn’t your fault. You’re sore, stressed and strapped for cash, big surprise, and the insurance company isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. Whether it was a car or motorcycle accident, injury due to a product malfunction, personal assault or a medical mistake, you’re left with a stack of bills that somebody needs to pay, but that person isn’t you.

So how do you get the money you deserve? Chances are, you’ve already contacted the insurance company, but what they aren’t offering you enough. They’re in the business to get rich off of other people’s money, so they’ll do whatever they can to hold onto it. They’ll low-ball you, hoping you’ll accept their first offer, or stretch the process out, hoping you eventually throw in the towel from fatigue.

That’s why it is important that you hire a personal injury lawyer. Immediately. Every day that passes since your accident decreases your chance at getting the money you’re entitled to. Below are three of the biggest reasons why you need an attorney to handle this painful, stressful process on your way to physical, emotional and financial recovery:

1. We’re experienced. We deal with insurance companies every day. It’s our job. We can tell you right away if you have a case, eliminating the anxiety of uncertainty. We will tell you what to expect during the process, what documents you need to provide and what a claim like yours is worth. We know what tests your doctors should run to maximize your claim, as well as what the best avenue is (court, arbitration or mediation) for getting you the largest sum possible. Unlike the insurance company, we want what’s best for you.
2. We do all the heavy lifting. Once you hire us, insurance companies legally cannot contact you anymore, giving you one less thing to worry about. Not only that, we can manage all of your injury-related bills until your case is settled. This includes paying for any fees associated with your doctor’s visits, so your bank account won’t be raided and your credit won’t be destroyed. We also do the investigation to gather all of the pertinent information needed to build you the strongest case. We want to make this as hassle-free for you as possible during these difficult times.
3. We don’t get paid if you don’t. We only take on cases that we’re confident in, so if we team up and for some reason you don’t win (which is unlikely), you don’t owe us any attorney’s fees. At Gower Law PLC, we put people first, which is why you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We’re called The People’s Firm for a reason. It’s not just a slogan – it’s the truth. Contact us right now to get the money you deserve. Call us toll-free at (989) 244-4333.