Bay City Probate & Estate Planning Lawyer

Compassionate Support Through Probate & Estate Administration

When it comes time to distribute assets of a loved one, if a thorough estate plan and/or will is not in place, it may be necessary to retain the help of an attorney whether or not court-managed estate administration is necessary. At Gower Law PLC , our Bay City probate lawyers assist families in completing the probate or estate administration processes with as little stress as possible! During the time of grieving, we understand how important it is to have an attorney you can trust and rely on.

  • Our firm assists our clients throughout the probate and estate administration process by:
  • Giving notice to all named heirs in the will
  • Filing all necessary paperwork/petitions with the probate court
  • Assisting the estate's personal representative (if one has been determined)
  • Appraising and gathering inventory of all of the assets of the estate
  • Distributing assets to creditors and heirs
  • Determining estate taxes

If the estate or will are contested, we may be able to provide mediation services or litigate the matter if it needs to go to court. We provide open communication with our clients in order to meet our clients' needs and address any issues or concerns as soon as they arise.

We Are Your Advocates From Start to Finish

The probation and estate administration process can be settled in a matter of 9 to 18 months depending on the size of the estate, any contested wills or other disputes, and other contributing factors. Because every estate and family is different, it is important to contact our probate and estate administration lawyers at Gower Law PLC as soon as possible so that we can take a look at your specific estate. Our knowledgeable attorneys are available to answer questions about the probate and estate administration process here in Michigan, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Call (616) 920-6565 to retain a Bay City probate attorney from Gower Law PLC for probate and estate administration.